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One Cat Doodler is no longer being updated. If you have an older PocketPC prior to 2003 or one of the HPCs, then this program can significantly enhance your unit, however this product is not fully compatible with PocketPC 2003, and Windows Mobile 5.0 or later units. Please download a trial version from the site and verify that it works for your unit.


  • Compose presentations or drawings with a full array of drawing tools.
  • Drawing tools include freehand, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, and paragraph text.
  • Import images and pictures (BMP or 2BP) into your drawings.
  • NOTE: PocketPC version also imports JPEG and GIF.


  • Move, stretch, rotate, and align objects.
  • Zoom in or out on your drawing.


  • Organize commonly used figures into libraries.
  • Layout your drawing with snap-to-grid and alignment.
  • Multilevel grouping and ungrouping.


  • Create a slide show presentation for work or pleasure.
  • Output slide shows with full control over the show.
  • Print your drawings directly from your unit.*

Palm-sized Screen

Handheld Screen

One Cat Doodler is a tightly integrated drawing and presentation package for your palm-size or handheld PC. Every phase is supported, from sketching out your rough ideas, through the editing and refining stages, and on to the presentation of the finished product.

With a full array of drawing and organizational tools, you'll have no problem creating original artwork or presentations. For the on-the-fly office presentation, One Cat Doodler provides bulleted text psts and the abipty to import images to emphasize your point. More technical drawings are supported with definable grids and a thumbnail-accessible library of your commonly used objects.

When its show time, One Cat Doodler delivers with a full screen screen slide show. You can leave it on automatic or use a keyboard or touch screen for more control over the timing.

Compose, manipulate, organize, and present your drawings anywhere you go with One Cat Doodler 3.0!

Supports PocketPCs, H/PC, H/PC Pros, and P/PCs running Windows(R) CE 2.0 and up.
* Printing is currently only supported on H/PCs and H/PC Pros.

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