One Cat Picture Printer 2.0

The easy way to print multiple pictures on one page

For Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

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Three Ways To Print! new

One Cat Picture Printer provides three methods of printing:

  • Choose which pictures you wish to print. (Drag and Drop Printing)
  • Print an entire directory of images at once.
  • Print a thumbnail catalog of a directory.

So if you just want to print specific pictures, you can drag and drop your images to one of the available layouts of standard size pictures, but if you want to print out an entire directory you can do that too (also in your choice of layout). Of course if you just want to have a quick hard copy of your images in a catalog format, you're covered.


Drag and Drop Printing

One Cat Picture Printer does one thing and it does it extremely well. It prints pictures. By combining an easy to use thumbnail index of images on your disc or hard drive with a simple page layout, you can easily drag and drop your pictures onto a page and print them. Printing multiple pictures on the same page in standard picture sizes is a snap. Just locate your pictures, choose a layout, pick the ones you want from the thumbnail display, drag them to one of the pre-made templates and print.


Available Layouts for Picture Printing

The Layout Choices Window

To make it easy to print a number of standard picture sizes on a page, One Cat Picture Printer gives you a number of pre-made layouts. You can also move and resize any of the pictures on the layout if you desire, so you aren't limited to the presets only. Don't waste your valuable photo paper on one image per page, make every square inch count!


One Cat Picture Printer is only $20 US

One Cat Picture Printer costs less than most dinners for two and it's worth it for the time and trouble it will save you printing out your pictures. It is free to try, or for just $20 you can have a registered version of the software and the peace of mind that you are supporting one man and his cat in their pursuit of making better software.


What's New in Version 2?

  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Print an entire directory at once
  • Print a thumbnail catalog
  • Various bug fixes



Unlike other downloadable programs offered through One Man And Cat Software, the trial version can not be converted into the full version through a serial code. A separate program will be sent to you upon purchase. Users of 1.x up are eligible for upgrades through version 2.x. If you wish to receive upgrades for the product, please send an email with your registration name, email address, and serial code (also called the unlock code) to the email address below:



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