One Cat File Manager 4.0

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For Windows 2000,XP,Vista,Win7

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One Cat File Manager starts with the familiar interface of the Windows shell, and then integrates the functionality it left out. As of version 4, One Cat File Manager integrates a whole array of new functionality. Read below to see some of its more notable features.

Four file managers working together

While One Cat File Manager is a vast improvement over the built in file manager, using it is not wildly different, so it is very quick to get going on it. One difference relates to the leftmost 8 icons in the toolbar at the top of the program. These allow you to quickly change between a single file pane and as many as four panes. With one click you have multiple file explorers side by side that work independently from each other. Browsing, copying, and moving files around now is a breeze.

Integrated Image Viewer (up to 4 at a time!) new

As of version 4.0, One Cat File Manager integrates a convenient new thumbnail image viewer patterned after One Cat Viewer. With multiple thumbnail layouts, slideshows, effects, and image processing, most of what you require to browse your image collection is now included. Any file view pane can be converted to an image viewer by choosing Image Viewer from the List View Type drop down box. Up to 4 image viewers can be active at one time, but if you need to see it up close click on the full screen icon in the Image Viewer toolbar the image viewer displays full screen.

File Cataloging new

Catalog Files builds a database of all the files rooted at a particular drive or directory. You may then analyze the data using the File Catalog Viewer in either spreadsheet format or chart format.



Managing Startup Programs new

One Cat File Manager provides a facility to choose which programs are active at the startup of Windows. You can use this tool to optimize windows performance or add another program to the list of startup programs. Unlike the built in msconfig program, a good deal of information is extracted from each program for better decision making.



Support for Archive Extraction new

Along with the previously supported ZIPs, archives in the RAR, ARC, and LHA formats may now be extracted directly within One Cat File Manager.

Easy file renaming for multiple files updated

Renaming multiple files is a real pain in Windows. You either have to click on each file individually and rename them or bring up a command line and use DOS commands to get the job done. But with One Cat File Manager you can do it graphically. Just select the files you want to rename and bring up the rename file window by clicking on the a->b icon. You can make your changes to an entire set of files complete with a preview of how they will turn out. No more pattern-based "OOPS!" problems in the command line. Version 4 expands the renaming capabilities to include prefixes, suffixes, and procedural renaming. Procedural renaming provides the ability to rename files completely from scratch all at once according to various rule sets. Give it a try, its addictive!

Customizable Thumbnail Sizes

Windows XPs default file manager displays all image thumbnails at the same, rather small, size. One Cat File Manager lets you change the thumbnail size to make it bigger or smaller to fit your needs.

Folder History

Most people frequent the same folders again and again. As of version 2.1, One Cat File Manager makes it easier for you to find those favorite folders. The program provides a quick drop down list of the folders you visited last so you can quickly navigate back to them. Of course you can turn this feature off if you don't want One Cat File Manager to save your history. Optionally as well, you can have the file manager open to the folder where you left off.

Folder Synchronization

There are those among us who have multiple computers. You may just have a desktop and a laptop, or maybe several devices. A desktop at home, another at work, a luggable laptop for serious power use and a feather light for long plane trips or casual web browsing at the local hot spot cafe. You know who you are. In this high tech world, one just doesn't seem to do any more. One Cat File Manager makes it easy to synchronize directory trees either on the same drive or different ones. Just bring up the two directories and click on the synchronize menu item and the directories will be brought up to date in both places. The older files replacing the newer ones, missing ones copied between. No mysterious auto-sync setups, just a straight and easy operation.

Customizable Font and Window Color updated

I like cute fonts, but I don't want to make changes in the Control Panel that modify the way every program looks. Most programs do not handle the change well. One Cat File Manager allows you to set the font to display the file lists and icon names to suit your style without screwing everything else up. And you can also choose your favorite color for the background of the window. With version 4, you can now customize each file pane's color and font separately, whether to make it easier to visually identify them or just to suit your particular taste.

Stand Alone Program

One Cat File Manager does not overwrite the built-in file manager, Windows Explorer. Some programs replace the Windows Explorer, One Cat File Manager does not. It runs as a separate stand-alone program living peacefully on your computer with other programs.

Helping Independent Developers (ok, just me)

One Cat File Manager isn't designed to be the center of your life. It is just a nice utility to make your life easier. It is free to try with a 14 day trial period, or for just $35 you can have a registered version of the software and the peace of mind that you are supporting one man and his cat in their pursuit of making better software.

What's New in Version 4?

  • Four file panes along with new layouts
  • Integrated image/video viewer
  • File cataloging
  • Managing startup programs
  • RAR, ARC, and LHA Archive Extraction
  • Improved multi-file renaming
  • Various other bug fixes and additions.

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